Pate's Pool Service and Supply is known throughout Central Indiana for our expertise in pool and spa supplies, professional water analysis, water treatment and our extremely dedicated and knowledgeable service department. One of Indiana's original pool service and supply companies. We offer 15% off for first responders, military and veterans. 

At Pate's, our philosophy is very simple – we choose not to be the largest pool company in the Midwest, only the best.

In the pool season, our retail store is open to serve you seven days a week and staffed by pool professionals with over 60 years of experience. Our service department is staffed by factory-trained technicians with over 50 years of experience. Because of our knowledgeable staff and unique philosophy, clients from all over Indiana rely on our expertise. Bookmark our website. Save our phone number for fast access to our services. Please call or contact us today.

Monthly Savings - Pate's Now Has ONLINE Chemical Order Ability!

Pate's customers are now able to order chemicals, parts, toys and more via our online order form.

You can choose FREE DELIVERY option for orders over $150 or select "curbside pick-up" and we'll have it ready to go when you arrive. Click Here to Find Out More.


  • Wide assortment of accessories and chemicals
  • Well stocked parts department
  • Computerized water analysis lab
  • Trained pool professionals
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Large service department to handle all your pool and spa needs
  • Family-owned business that treats our clients like family
Pate's Pool Service and Supply is proud to be part of the Backyard FunStore Program, ensuring that our customers have the best product selection and service available. Feel free to come see all we have to offer!

Contact Pate's Pool Service and Supply today for more information on any of our products or services.

Frequently Asked Questions for Pool Service and Supply

  • What are phosphates and how do they get into my pool?

    Phosphates can increase the likelihood of algae growth in swimming pool water and can enter the water from sources such as decaying plant matter, fertilizers, mineral treatment chemicals (metal remover), contaminated well water, acid rain, contamination with soil, groundwater runoff, bird droppings, bather wastes, urine, and sweat. Phosphate is a vital plant nutrient, and the presence in swimming pool water can cause accelerated algae growth in poorly maintained pools. Higher levels of phosphates can make algae control more difficult and increase the amount of sanitizer required to maintain satisfactory control of algae.

  • My pool has a very strong chlorine smell; do I have too much chlorine?

    No, you don't have enough "free" chlorine in your pool. All pools contain "free" or "good" chlorine plus "combined" or "bad" chlorine. The free chlorine is the chlorine that is available to kill germs and other organic material in your pool water. The difference in the "total" chlorine and "free" chlorine is the "combined" chlorine or the chlorine that is used up already and cannot fight germs. When combined chlorine reaches a level of 0.5 or greater, it is time to shock your pool.

  • Why a salt-chlorine generator?

    Salt is a very economical commodity. When the ions in salt are passed over specially coated blades and induced with a low-voltage electrical charge, salt is converted into chlorine. When this process is incorporated into your swimming pool, you have your very own "chlorine generator."

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